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1066, Chemin de Cuges 3740 LA CADIÈRE D’AZUR, FRANCE

Phone : (+33) 4 94 90 09 23 / Fax : (+33) 4 94 90 02 21
Email : commercial@suffrene.fr

Press Kit


The press kit is a document that tells you the history of our vineyard, details who we are, what we do and lists the events of the Domain.

Press contact


Phone. +33 (0)6 66 78 07 35

They talk about us

" I find that short movie arrived as it should have been. "

René Jourdan

Mayor of La Cadière d'Azur

" I had tears in my eyes before the end of the film. "

Paul Bunan

Domaines Bunan

" When you're 90, you usually stop. But him, he keeps riding the tractor everyday. "

Jean-Daniel Ott

Domaines Ott

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